Benibana Museum was been the residence of Horigome Shirobei, who was the wealthiest man in this area. The total area of the residence is about 80a, and there were thirteen warehouses at past, but including the main house, almost of the warehouses were demolished since those had become dilapidated through years of neglect.

In this residence, about 5,000 items such as weapons, household utensils and old documents are preserved.

The residence was donated to Kahoku Town in 1976, it has been maintenance and restoration, and opened as the “Benibana Museum” in May 1984.

Business hours


March – October  9:00 – 17:00
November – February  9:00 – 16:00


Year-end and New Year holidays.
2ndThursday every month.
※When 2ndThursday is national holiday, the next day will be closed.)

Admission Fee

Adult:400 yen
High School:150 yen
Child:70 yen

Group (20 people or more)
Adult:350 yen
High School:120 yen
Child:50 yen

※Child under elementary school are free for admission.

Annual Pass

A. 2,000 yen  maximum 5 people per annual pass
B. 1,000 yen  maximum 2 people per annual pass


Kahoku Town Tourism Association
Bo-1143, Yachi, Kahoku Town, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata, Japan 999-3511